27/07/2020 - I just released my own local keyword research tool - Lead Gen Keywords - Search/filter over 250,000 home service keywords across 130+ niches in the USA - POPULATION DATA INCLUDED

Keywords ideal for rank and rent and lead generation. Due to the highly inaccurate nature of local search volume focus is placed on population vs search volume. It's not uncommon to find some city + niche keywords with 0 monthly searches despite there being demand for a service in the area. I have come across common home service niches with 0 search volume even in places with 50,000+ population. 

I also use data such as median income of a location, number of dwellings, zip code data, Google Trends and other factors.

Running multiple websites myself I have seen this firsthand by comparing Search Console impression data with population and monthly search volume from multiple keyword research tools.

I have a pretty strict criteria for choosing local keywords, I spend a lot of time analyzing SERP (including map pack) and competitors to find the best local keywords possible.

Service Details:

You can buy either 1, 5 or 10 keywords (see below for ordering more keywords or custom work)

1 keyword will be focused around 1 niche or city. For example if you supply the city "Boston" I will find one niche + city term and any related terms (if applicable), if you supply the niche "plumber" I will find one plumber + city for you.

Note: I will look at subburbs and areas in a city as well as the city itself to find keywords, if you'd like plumbers in Boston I might choose the keyword "plumber mission hill ma"

If you need more keywords or are after more custom or on-going work please contact me to discuss your requirements.

TAT: 14 Working Days (for orders placed on weekends/holidays TAT will begin on the next working day) 

DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee that the keywords you receive will make you money or that they will generate you traffic. For the best chance to make money targeting popular/common services in areas of 20,000+ population is your best bet.
WE WILL BE CLOSED FROM 21 DEC. TO January 4th -Any orders placed during this period will be responded/started on the 4th.
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